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Get services that are great for your lawn and safe for your pets.

If you have a pet that goes out into your yard pretty often, you might be hesitant to get any form of lawn care service. Afterall, most of those services use harsh chemicals that could be dangerous for your pets, right? Not necessarily. Fortunately, we at NC Lawn Care love animals just as much as our pet owner customers do. That means we look out for pets in the way we provide pet-safe lawn care. If you are in the Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina area, we are happy to offer our pet-safe services.

Pet-Safe Lawn Care in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

Unlike some lawn care providers, we don’t rely on harsh chemicals to treat your yard. We mix and apply the treatments we use on your lawn exactly as the label suggests, so there isn’t any risk in our services. We also make sure to clearly mark the areas we treat, so there is no confusion.

While we are proud to claim pet-safe lawn care services, we do still like to take a few precautions. We understand just how much you value your pets, so we want to be a safe as possible. That’s why we recommend staying off the lawn until any liquid treatments have dried. Once they have dried, they are perfectly safe for your pets, but we don’t like to take any chances of the liquid being ingested while it’s still wet.

We are a company you can trust for pet-safe lawn care services. We also first carefully inspect your yard, so we won’t be applying any unnecessary treatments or any quick band-aid fixes that won’t actually get the job done. We are dedicated to making your lawn look great while keeping it safe for pets.

Stop letting your lawn go for the sake of your pets when you can get pet-safe lawn care services instead. Just give us a call to schedule our services today.

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