Does Your Grass Have Lawn Grubs? Here’s How to Tell

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Is your lawn brown and patchy, no matter what you do to try to make it grow lush and green? There’s a very real possibility you have lawn grubs. If left without any treatment or intervention, lawn grubs can eventually destroy your grass.

Does Your Grass Have Lawn Grubs? Here’s How to Tell

If you suspect that your grass has lawn grubs, here are a few signs you should call us for help at NC Lawn Care:

  • Your grass has started to turn yellow in large patches, and when you pull on it, it rolls back like carpet.
  • You’ve noticed that skunks, racoons, or other pests have started to dig up your lawn. Pests like these love to eat lawn grubs, and the combination of these critters and grubs can do major damage to your lawn.
  • You notice moths or beetles flying around your lawn at the tips of your grass blades.
  • You water your lawn regularly, but it still looks like your grass never gets enough water. Although grub damage often looks like lack of watering, increasing your water levels won’t fix the issue.
  • Before your grass starts to yellow and turn up in damaged areas, it turns patchy and brown. This will happen at random spots throughout your lawn.

Don’t let lawn grubs take over your lawn! For help with these pests and eradication solutions that actually work, get in touch with us today.

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