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We offer a wide range of lawn care services to ensure you have a thriving lawn.

At NC Lawn Care, we have served the Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina area since 2015 focusing on pest control issues and decided that expansion to include lawn care was going to be in the best interests of our customers. While we have been happy to help you with lawn pest issues as NC Pest Control, we felt it was time to take lawn care services a step further by offer such services as aeration, fertilizing, weed control, overseeding, grub prevention, and grass fungicide services.

We found that some of our customers needed more than we were offering as a pest control company to achieve a beautiful lawn, so it made sense to broaden our services and start NC Lawn Care. You have the benefit of both types of services to ensure you have the lush, healthy lawn that you deserve. We knew that if we put the same attention to detail and exceptional customer service to our new company that we would soon become the lawn care services provider of choice in the area. We welcome the chance to show you what we can do with your lawn.

An ongoing lawn program that pays close attention to what your lawn needs ensures that your lawn not only achieves its potential but also continues to thrive. We also accomplish this through regular soil testing to determine exactly what products and how much of those products are needed. Reach out today to learn more about our unique approach to lawn care services.

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